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Website Design

Designing a website without purpose and intent is like swinging at air, you never make good contact. We provide purpose-driven website development, for today’s market.

Web Design and Development in Butler, PA

Want to Drive More Traffic to Your Business?

“If you build it, they will come” is really a dream when it comes to websites. Today the online landscape is highly competitive, with new consumers and new competitors entering the market every day. Holding on to the “I’ve been in business 20 years” mentality may be what keeps you from being in business 20 more. Your website design and content need to evolve along with your customer base. Therefore, driving traffic to your website is very important, and ideally, we want quality and quantity.

Our Goal is to Solve Problems, Not Pitch Sales

Your site is the center of your online universe, the hub where your traffic begins and ends. And making decisions about the 24-hour face of your company can be overwhelming. Website development is not for the faint of heart. Having a partner to help you navigate the entire process is invaluable; we would like to be that partner. It all starts with having a conversation, so reach out to us for a free initial consultation, and remember, no sales pitch!

Designing A New Website Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You’re Not Alone.

Website development is a process, and therefore breaking the project into manageable steps smooths out the bumps and produces a better result. We manage those steps to deliver the outcome you’re looking for while minimizing the stress of a new build or a re-design.

UI Is King In A Mobile World

The easier your website is to navigate the easier it is for the user to find what they're looking for. If it takes too much effort they hit the back button and head for a competitor. The lesson here is, no matter how much traffic you bring to your site, it's meaningless if they can't find the info they seek. A well-designed menu and heading tag structure helps users find what they're looking for quickly and keep them on your website. The small things we do as part of every build that separates of from other companies, things like loading fonts locally so your page paints quicker.

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In The Online World, Speed Is Your Friend

Google began implementing the "Page Experience" update in June 2021, and page speed became more critical than ever. But page speed isn't everything. User experience or UX is also vital. After all, it is the page experience update. Page speed is how fast the page loads and becomes interactive. Google's Core Web Vitals measurements are First Contentful Paint (FCP), First Input Delay (FID), Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). We build our websites intending to pass core web vitals. Addressing this on the front end improves the likelihood Google will view your website as mobile-friendly ad produce better page experience scores. To see how your current website performs, click the link, paste your URL, and hit enter.

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Designing With a Mobile-First Mentality

Some companies still push responsive design as though it's a new feature. This isn't 2010, responsive design is a standard, not a luxury. Mobile traffic has long passed desktop, and Google's focus has shifted to mobile. Performance affects your rankings. Our mobile-first mentality influences the choices we make. For example, we use a builder rather than a theme. With themes, you get stuck with excess code that loads whether your website uses it or not, slowing the site down. And all our sites are custom to the client and not created from a template. Call us to discuss your website project.

mobile first design

4 Keys to Getting the Most From Your New Website

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Responsive Web Design

Websites are more than looks and features, your goals need to be top of mind throughout the build.

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The website development process begins with a discussion about the purpose of your website. What do you want your site to do for your customer and your company? From there, we discuss what success is, and the KPI’s that will measure success. Also, the design is a crucial consideration. Responsive web design is now a necessity as most users are mobile with various screen sizes. So, what about the look and feel, page content, how to structure the site? The user experience or UX? But websites are not only skin deep. What is underneath is just as, if not more important than what people see.

Building a search-friendly site is crucial if you want traffic. Even if most of your search volume comes from ads, page structure, page speed, and other factors can make the difference between many conversions or a few. And although SEO should be part of your plan, you are better off starting with a robust, unique website or web page rather than a cookie-cutter design with little content.

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Copywriting & Strategy

Remember content is king, but not just any content. You need copy written for your intended audience.

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We combine copywriting and strategy because they go hand in hand. If you want to reach a particular audience, provide those people with the information they seek. Doing so takes time, research, and, yes, strategy.

For starters, providing content that is readable and easily understood is a benefit to the user. Look at it this way, an attorney website full of legalese might be great if your target is other lawyers. But if you are trying to engage new clients, they may move on to a site they understand. And statements like we are a “full-service blah-blah-blah” may mean something to you, but they don’t answer the user’s questions. Well-written copy or content can make your site more appealing to the search engine as well.

We partner with you to compile information and convey it in a way that represents you well.

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Audience Analytics

You have an intended audience, are you reaching them and how often?

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It’s all about the numbers, impressions, clicks, bounce rate, and on and on. Let’s figure out what is most important to your company and focus on that. If you’re not sure what the terms mean, we will teach you. Our philosophy is, the better you understand the strategy, what reports indicate, and how to interpret them, the better the input you can provide regarding tactics.

We install Google Analytics and Google Search Console on each of our client websites. Monitoring analytics enables us to identify wins, see our gaps, and leverage opportunities. The statistics give us an honest look at where we are and where we are trending, which is why all parties should understand what the numbers indicate. Does anyone benefit from a false sense of security?

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Search Engine Optimization

Google has one goal, keep users coming back because they deliver the best search results.

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That's the same reason you keep going back. You prefer the Google experience over other search engines. And that means one thing, continued change. To stay on top, Google can't and won't stand still, which tells you your website needs to evolve as well.

Many factors impact a website or a page's rank on search sites. SEO is about long-term strategy, not quick fixes. In this case, remember, the tortoise always wins. Not that we want to be slow, but that impact happens over time. You are building a reputation with the search engine, and you can't earn trust overnight.

There are two sides to Search Engine Optimization; onsite and offsite. Although both are important, overcoming poor quality content, missing tags and descriptions is not easy. Building links and blogging won't have the same impact as they will on a site with good onsite SEO.

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