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Social Media Marketing

Effective social media marketing has a twofold benefit; getting in front of new customers and improving existing customer loyalty. Add in the referral business from existing clients, and you have yourself a win, win, win! Social media management addresses both new customer growth and retention.

Social Media Marketing in Pittsburgh and Butler PA

Let the Social Media Experts Do Their Thing

It’s true that nobody knows your business the way you do. However, that doesn’t mean that you or your staff are the best storytellers either. Having a staff member manage your social media marketing because they are young or are on Facebook all the time is not sound reasoning. My daughter has never had a cavity in her life, but she’s in middle school, so I’m not going to have her clean my teeth instead of my dentist. Enough said?

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Let the experts do what the experts do. Social media management is too important to hand off to someone because it’s cheap. That mentality will cost revenue in the long run. Having someone who understands when and what to post, how your audience will interact with the post, and what the results show is valuable. And, you have someone you can hold accountable for results. How can you make an employee without proper training responsible for what you may not understand yourself? If you do have a solid understanding of social media, even better. You can provide valuable input to make your program more successful and save time while doing so. Start by setting up a free initial consultation, and remember, no sales pitch.

The Who’s Who of Social Media Marketing and What’s in it For Me?

Choosing which social media channels are best for your situation is an important decision. Knowing your target audience, what influences them, and how to get in front of them more often impacts your ability to keep them coming back for more. Customer loyalty has a positive impact on the bottom line. Since you already have a base of happy clients, we can develop a look-a-like audience that enables you to reach new customers with similar interests.

Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google, or any combination thereof, we will help you identify what the best fit is for you. At that point, you are not only posting with a purpose; you are building loyalty. Attracting new customers requires a slightly different strategy. We significantly increase conversions by using content-rich ads that click to a landing page designed solely for that ad.

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Our Services

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Post Strategy

What is posting with a purpose? Posting information your customers want to read, on a regular schedule.

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Knowing what to post, where to post, and how often is the key to success. With social media management, our goal is to make this as productive and straightforward as possible for you.  Optimizing your social profile is the first step to ensuring we are on track. Once complete we can begin a strategy of regular posts on one or multiple social media channels. These scheduled posts will drive repeat and referral business as you gain visibility.

The management of social media is a collaboration between you and your account manager. With regular monthly sessions a strategy is developed, adjusted, expectations set, and results reviewed. There is no time for hiding with either party; we both own the results and therefore the sessions crucial. We do the heavy lifting on the social side so you can focus on what you do best, running your company.

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Content Rich Ads

Images and content together impact how often an ad is intentionally clicked on.

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When using targeted ads, any weak link in the chain can be the difference between great results and disappointment.  This is why effective social media marketing isn’t as easy as it sounds. So, let’s look at a few of those links. The ad itself needs to have visual appeal to the intended target, send a simple message, and provide a call to action. If not, the ad either won’t capture attention, or the user won’t know what action to take. Once the ad is clicked, you need to send the user to a page that directly relates to the ad.

Let’s look at a happy scenario. You have a great ad with a simple call to action, generating a healthy click-through rate and links to a specially-designed landing page. The landing page content is directly related to the ad, has no navigation leading anywhere else, and has a straightforward call to action. The call to action, for example, could be a simple form, the ability to book an appointment or a trackable phone number. Notice each instance said “or” not “and.” The user will do what you ask them to. If you give them two or three choices, you reduce the conversion rate and hurt your results. Happy scenarios happen to be our specialty.

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Reporting & Analytics

How are my social media posts performing? The data every business needs.

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Find out which social media posts generate the most interaction and the most business. Track open rates and click-throughs from your e-mail newsletters. We’ll provide monthly reports with all of this key data.

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Email Newsletters

Keep your existing and potential customers up to date.

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Consistent interaction with existing customers is crucial for developing repeat business and building customer loyalty. Our team will effectively manage your email newsletter to make ensure you stay in touch with your most loyal customers, and your subscriber list continues to grow.

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