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Indigo Boost

Being a digital marketing agency is more than just selling products, it’s about making an impact. At Indigo Boost our agency is influenced as much by what we don’t want to be as it is about what we do. Isn’t it about time someone asked what you want to accomplish?

A New Look at Digital Marketing

Indigo Boost is founded on the principle “If you do what’s right for the client, they have no reason to replace you.” Our founder, Jim Norton, spent 12 years working as a consultant for some of the largest digital marketing companies in the country, seeing both good and bad along the way. Most of those companies required the customer to sign one-year contracts, which may be good for the marketing agency, but not necessarily for the customer. The problem is, if the marketing doesn’t work, you’re stuck paying for it anyway, for a year! In addition, many companies don’t have the additional funds to then invest in marketing that will work for them. For this reason, Indigo Boost does not require long-term contracts. We believe in retaining our clients the same way they keep their clients, by doing a good job!

Taking A Consultative Approach to Digital

We take a genuinely consultative approach as our goal is to bring value to the table, not a flashy group of products. It all starts with an initial consultation where we dig in and find out what your real needs are. This process is sometimes a bit uncomfortable, as we ask questions that you as a company may have avoided asking yourselves for some time. However, the result is a marketing strategy based on where you want to take your company, and what marketing research shows is the best way to get there. If you are tired of being sold marketing based on how much you’re willing to pay, rather than what you want to accomplish, contact us for a free initial consultation or digital audit. We promise during our meeting; we will not try to sell you anything.

Our Values

Often our best relationships are based not on common interests, but core values. What is most important to them? What makes them tick?


We’ve never had a client tell us they need another expense, which is what marketing becomes without results. Marketing is a result-driven business and understanding your goals and why you have them is a crucial piece of the puzzle. On top of that identifying what success is and how to measure it keeps everyone heading in the same direction, onward and upward.


You can define versatility in many ways. In our case, it does not say “you don’t like that product? How about this one?” For us, versatility is about being able to adapt to the needs of our client and develop strategic partnerships to deliver the best outcome.


Someone once asked “what’s in a name,” I say everything. The reputation of our clients and our own reputation are of utmost importance. In the Navy, there were many colorful sayings one being “it takes one aw-crap to erase a hundred atta-boys” We are striving for atta-boys here.

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